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Personal Trainers

Unlock your potential with Personal Coaching at First Class Fitness!

Our coaching services are designed to cater to your unique fitness goals. Whether you are a seasoned athlete, someone navigating health challenges, or a busy student or professional looking for lifestyle changes, our expert trainers guide you through every step!


At FCF Class Fitness, we believe in a personalised approach to fitness. Our dedicated trainers are committed to creating a fitness plan that aligns with your goals and lifestyle. From advanced strength and conditioning to gentle wellness routines, our diverse range of coaching services ensures that your fitness journey is tailored just for you. Step into our state-of-the-art facility and experience a fitness regime designed around your aspirations.

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Why work with a personal coach

health, and tailored to your evolving needs, a trainer helps you confidently manage your body’s new normal, ensuring a balanced approach to pre and postpartum wellness.

First Class Fitness

General Wellness

A personal trainer acts as your accountability partner, which is vital for achieving your wellness goals. They offer tailored strategies and consistent motivation, ensuring you stay committed to your fitness and healthy lifestyle changes. This partnership is key to maintaining focus, overcoming challenges, and integrating sustainable health habits into daily life. With a personal trainer by your side, you’re not just pursuing wellness but embedding it into your life, one step at a time.

First Class Fitness

Age Conscious Training

Getting older can present a new range of challenges to our physical form and necessitate a rethink of our routine. Coaches work to create bespoke plans that focus on improving mobility, strength, and balance, which are crucial for maintaining independence and quality of life. This customised approach ensures exercises are safe and effective, catering specifically to the challenges and needs of ageing bodies.


I will only ever do a burpee or a split squat if someone is telling me to, so I need a trainer to hold me to account or I'd absolutely be on the couch with a vino instead. I joined First Class Fitness because I was looking for a gym that offered classes at hours that worked with my work day. Katie and Steven are so encouraging and helpful and I have started to see results after only a month. I love that they track our progress week on week and have helped me get my confidence back when lifting weights. The classes are fun and easy to fit into the day. I definitely recommend this gym! Cheers guys *raises rosé*

Emer Donelly

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